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Perhaps it's you.

Perhaps it's not.

Perhaps you just need to shut the computer off and spend time with your wife.

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  Friends miss you but you'll only communicate through email.


inability to spell. zombie twitches. decreased need for sleep. sensitivity to sunlight. finger cramps. One or more divorces due to inability to bond. multi use of bulk domain checker.



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Treatment Programs








Treatment Programs


Refresh Page Recovery

This program teaches patience and homemade remedies for finger injuries. This is a six week program.  More >>

Discover Sunlight

What is sunlight? Is sunlight a conspiracy? Find out who made the sun and reintroduce yourself.   More >>

I've Had Breakfast - No More Serial Domain Registrations

Prevent registering crappy names and learning quality not quantity.  More >>


About dnRehab


dnRehab fights for the rights of domain names by eliminating the source of the problem: you. We believe all domains should be subject to the Technology Fair Work Policy section 148.352. Domain name addiction hurts not only yourself but your family, friends, domains, websites and purchasing abilities.



BEFORE AFTER "dnRehab Showed Me the Light"


My name is Walter Johnson and I used to be a domain name addict. I joined dnRehab's Discover Sunlight program which helped me learn about this wonderful thing called "the sun". I learned sunlight is not a conspiracy but a friend. Whether it's a true friend or an enemy friend is up to you.


Walter Johnson



"I Stopped Registering Porn"


When dnRehab showed me porn domains like were a waste of time, I immediately sold them to some other idiot. I highly recommend the professionals at this facility.


Mark Mands



"My Bitching Wasn't His Fault After All"


After ten years of marriage, I was convinced that me and my husband's problems were due to his incompetence as a man and he simply wasn't trying hard enough. Now, I'm embarrassed to admit that our problems was my problem and I wouldn't have found this out if it wasn't for dnRehab's Intervention Program.


Jessica Gentry


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